What Causes Tires to Wear Unevenly?

Rotating tires

If you want your set of tires to last as long as possible on the East Hills roads, you’ll want to pay attention to your tire tread wear. Uneven tread wear can cause one tire to wear out completely before the others need replacing, which can throw off your whole driving experience. So, what causes tires to wear unevenly? Everything from poor maintenance habits to aggressive driving can lead to uneven tire wear. But luckily, the service experts at Major World Chevrolet are here to help you keep your car in top condition!

Why Tire Tread Wear Matters

First, why should you care about your tire tread at all? Your tire tread is responsible for grabbing hold of the roads, so your car stays grounded instead of sliding around. It provides the necessary traction that you need to control your vehicle, whether driving on a sunny day in Forest Hills or going off-roading in Bayside. However, rubber doesn’t last forever. All of those road trips and commutes gradually grind down your tread, and then you need to replace your tires. Uneven tread wear accelerates this process. Let’s go into the two most common causes for uneven tire wear.

Uneven Tire Wear: Improper Inflation

Your air pressure plays a huge role in your tire tread wear. Properly inflated tires perform smoothly, easily taking corners and braking without missing a beat. That’s because your tires are designed with a specific air pressure in mind. If your tires are overinflated or uninflated instead, this causes a great deal of extra stress. You might feel a loss of traction and control on your everyday drives, which compromise both your comfort and safety. Additionally, this puts a lot of strain on your tire tread – leading to uneven tire wear over time.

Uneven Tire Wear: Misalignment

Another common cause of uneven tire wear is misalignment. Maybe you hit a pothole when driving home from Long Island City or maybe your car simply has worn components that are throwing off your balance. Either way, a misaligned car can weaken everything from your steering system to bearings to joints. The result is uneven tread wear, which can lead to blowouts and other tire damage. So if your car feels a little off after hitting a curb, be sure to visit the service center as soon as you can.

Get Expert Tire Care at Major World Chevrolet

Whether you need a tire alignment or a brand new set, Major World Chevrolet is ready to help in Long Island City. Our team will make sure that your tires are in great shape, so contact us or schedule your appointment today.


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